• Espace 400e Bell, Quebec
  • February 20 to 22, 2013
  • 3-day live competition

What’s the Iron Web?

This is a 3-day competition held for a third year, in parallel with the Web à Québec.

The goal is to develop a Web application. Live from Espace 400e Bell, two teams will put their imagination and talent to the test and meet the challenge.

Watch live as these two teams of six Web professionals (designers, integrators, programmers, etc.) work hard to carry out their project, from design to production to delivery, and even public presentation at the closing of the event.

This is a key event 24h/24h, starting Wednesday, February 20 at 10h00, where you’ll find out how Web professionals are creative individuals enjoying a versatile career that’s not just about typing on keyboards!

Connect the city and the citizens

Last year, our Iron Web teams used City data to build their applications. This year, we plan to go a little further!

Team participants will allow you to send your own data to the City, thanks to Open311, a standard allowing cities to receive citizens’ requests (report graffiti or various damages, etc.). At the outcome of the Iron Web event, attendees will have the tools to send their requests to Ville de Québec directly from the Web.

Ville de Québec took inspiration from major cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and several others, and will soon become the first French-speaking city to implement an Open311 system.

This year, Ville de Québec therefore asked participants to develop a multiplatform Web application (mobile, tablet, desktop) allowing citizens to send their requests directly to the Open311 system.

The streams

Commits / hour

Commits : contribution made by team developers to the source code sent to Github servers.

Photos and videos




Wednesday 9:30

Project details announcement

Wednesday 10:00

Live streaming start

Friday 14:45

Projects presentations



After the closing conference, exact time unknown, stay tuned on Extra!

The people

The greens (Winners!)

The reds

The jury

Davender Gupta

Davender Gupta


Davender Gupta

Joanne Fournier


Davender Gupta

Samuel Garneau


Pierre-Armand Lalonde

Pierre-Armand Lalonde



Download jury notes and comments (pdf)

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